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Description For career criminal William Clarke Quantrill, the American Civil War was an opportunity to practice legitimately what he loved most: theft, destruction, and murder. He rampaged freely as a military hero, slaughtering hundreds, fighting under the flag of the Confederate Army. Few people realized that Quantrill had no personal convictions.

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He stood for no principles and believed no more in the Southern ideal than in the Union. He simply lived to kill.

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Quantrill motivated his men—and constructed his own mythology—by telling them that he and his older brother who probably never existed had been ambushed by jayhawkers in Kansas on their way back from the west. Quantrill claimed that his brother had been killed instantly, while he was shot twice, robbed, and left for dead. In another incident shrouded in uncertainty, Quantrill was allegedly promoted to captain of Confederate partisan forces by Colonel M.

William Clarke Quantrill: His Life and Times

Jeff Thompson following the Battle of Independence , Missouri, on August 11, , and declared an outlaw by Union authorities. To this day, it is still unclear whether Quantrill was ever a commissioned officer, or if he merely operated as a bandit. They were married in secret due to her disapproving family, and she lived in camp through much of the remainder of the war. On August 21, , Quantrill led approximately Confederate raiders into Lawrence, a Unionist and antislavery stronghold that was also home to Republican Senator James H.

William Clarke Quantrill: his life and times - PDF Free Download

Lane , who had become a target of proslavery forces. Quantrill staged raids into Kentucky in the spring of , where he was ambushed and received a gunshot wound to the chest on May 10 near Taylorsville.

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Quantrill was transported to a military prison hospital in Louisville and died on June 6. He was buried in St. Whereas Unionists evoked Quantrill as a terrorist and an outlaw, those sympathetic to the former Confederacy remembered him as a celebrity and a dashing hero.

William Clarke Quantrill

Historians continue to debate the military importance and cultural legacy of Quantrill: was he an opportunistic bandit or a legitimate partisan? Were his operations a sideshow, or did they tie down countless men and resources that could have been deployed elsewhere?

Castel, Albert E. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, Seller Inventory APC Shipped from UK. Seller Inventory ING Albert Castel. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title For three decades following the expedition with Meriwether Lewis for which he is best known, William Clark forged a meritorious public career that contributed even more to the opening of the West: from to he served as the U.


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