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  1. World Military Spending

Below are two time series plots of military expenditure in real terms; the first is in thousands of UK pounds for the period , the second is in thousands of US dollars for the period The extent to which war influences military spending is demonstrated in the visualisation below.

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  3. Global spend on weapons and military increased to $1.7 trillion in 2017, arms watchdog says.
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Such a dramatic rise is consistent with the existential danger faced by the UK during the Second World War. The following visualisations provide a snapshot of military expenditure in the world today and into the future. Projections of Military expenditure in suggest that while the US will continue to be the largest spender, nevertheless China is expected to close the gap considerably.

World Military Spending

The following map displays military expenditure as a percentage of GDP. Military spending is particularly high in the Middle East, a region that has experienced dozens of conflicts since the Second World War.

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Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen all have very high levels of military expenditure relative to GDP and are all either currently engaged in conflict or have been in recent years. Two other countries that rank highly are Eritrea and North Korea, both of which are in perpetual conflicts with their neighbours Ethiopia and South Korea, respectively.