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She shares a house in the area with her husband, Nick Turvey, a visual artist; they have lived together since Although she imbues her work with her personal preoccupations, she is uncomfortable talking about herself. The artist wife pretends to faint, in order to engineer an exit. Hogg grew up thirty miles southeast of London, in Kent, near the town of Tunbridge Wells.

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The very name is a byword for provincial conservatism. Her father, John Hogg, commuted to work in London, where he was the vice-chairman of a large insurance company. Her mother, the former Sarah Noel-Buxton, was descended from a prominent family that included missionaries, abolitionists, and Quakers.

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At eleven, Hogg was sent off to West Heath, a nearby boarding school of only a hundred and thirty girls, some of them members of the grandest families in the country. Lady Diana Spencer, the future Princess of Wales, was in the class below. Hogg, who found the regime inimical, was shy but somewhat rebellious: she was once caught smuggling a copy of Playgirl into her dormitory, and the headmistress disciplined her by seating her in her office and asking her to turn every page of the magazine and offer commentary.

Hogg steered clear of the finishing-school set, finding a small group of peers who, like her, were interested in the visual arts. After graduating, she and a friend moved to Florence, to study photography.

Wait, what?! Women can orgasm over 20 times in a row

They found an American woman in her thirties to be their photography teacher. She made a photograph of a wall, near the Santa Croce basilica, on which someone had put graffiti handprints. She stayed in Italy for a year. On returning to England, Hogg moved into the Knightsbridge flat, which she shared with a succession of roommates. She got a job with a photographer on Greek Street, in Soho, and on off-hours she was allowed to use his studio for her own photography, developing images from a series showing visual artists and dancers at work.

She also started carrying around her Super 8 camera; she hosted parties but hovered in the background, behind her lens. When Hogg was nineteen, she switched her creative focus to film. She spent months trying to develop a feature film set in Sunderland, a working-class city in the North of England.

Hogg had visited Sunderland, a former shipbuilding hub that had fallen into decline, while shooting a photographic series about the work of two visual artists.

20 Times a Lady | Walmart Canada

Around this time, she met the man with the heroin addiction. He immediately called into question her choice of subject matter. The movie poignantly shows Julie channelling her creative energies into the stumbling conduct of her life, rather than into the making of art. Yet this trajectory will be eminently recognizable to any viewer who has felt, especially in early adulthood, as if she were performing the role of herself, rather than simply living it. Hogg quickly realized that her lover had faked the theft, and had sold the items for drugs; nevertheless, the trip went ahead.

It was creating a piece of work.

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Trix Worrell, a creator of British sitcoms, was a classmate, and remembers that, although Hogg had strong opinions, she was discreet in making them known. Underneath, Hogg told me, she resented how she was treated. The experience still stings. Hogg, influenced more by her lover than by anyone at film school, developed an appreciation of more stylized cinematic modes. She also had an intense interest in fashion. There were less artistically inclined ambitions, too. He was seventy-eight.

His death opened up a sense of urgency for Hogg. Miriam Margolyes Miss Mary Shepherd. James Millar Alan Bennett 2. Dalip Sondhi Rufus. Dean Bryant Director. Matt Scott Lighting Designer. View All.

About the play

Feature Building the van How did designer Alicia Clements — with a dedicated team of contracted and permanent MTC staff — build two life-size vans for the stage? Feature Meet the Bennetts Daniel Frederiksen and James Millar reflect on their shared character and how they relate to the famous British playwright, novelist, essayist and actor — Alan Bennett.

Feature Empathy and apathy Actor Dan Frederiksen discusses privilege, performance, and preventing our peers from falling through the cracks.